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The Himalayan Mountains are a unique and awesome adventure. However, not everyone has the same taste or desire of adventure. Therefore we have created different options to explore Nepalʼs great diversity. Discover the fascinating mountain challenge as well as Nepalʼs breathtaking countryside, tradition, culture and heart-warming people.

Each option can be combined with visiting a range of Charity projects either before or after the adventure, depending on your travel plans. All tours are organized in conjunction with Travel De Society & Visit Nepal-Tibet Travel & Tours our Nepali travel experts.

Adventurous Mountain Trekking Tour

Discover the awesome and fascinating nature while you explore the most remote areas at the “Top of the World”. This option is for true adventurers who consider themselves fit and healthy to ascend high altitudes. All our treks are carefully researched and lead by experienced Nepali guides who know the mountains and the risks of altitude. They can be designed for both individuals and groups suitable to your level of fitness.

Individual organized Tour

For those of you who truly wish to be independent and create your own adventure – we can offer our experience, support and contacts that you may need to make your own plans. We can also offer advice on the practical and safety aspects of the Mountains to fully appreciate your trip to one of the last *true* frontiers of Nature.

Village Tour

This is a unique opportunity to experience directly the Nepali life and culture in the lower slopes of the Himalayas. The Village tour is designed for those who wish for an adventure in the mountains, yet a less strenuous experience. It is equivalent to mountain trekking in European or American mountains. In most villages guesthouse or lodge accommodation is available, however you can also choose for the full experience a “Village Home Stay” where you will stay in a traditional family home, with a Nepali family.

This unique experience will open your eyes to an ancient tradition of living. Waking up to the early morning, sipping tea before the family begins its daily tasks. Take a turn in ploughing the field or husking rice. Learn about the simplicity of village life and taste the delights of food grown naturally and cooked before you.

Meditation and Mountain Trekking Tour

Embrace your solitude in meditation and experience the magic of a mountain experience. With this option we offer the stay in a secluded guesthouse nestled in the mountains where you can pursue your own meditative practice while enjoying the deep mystery and peace of the Himalayan Mountains.

If you wish you can choose more than one location so that you can fully appreciate the magnitude of the Himalayan range. We can also arrange for you to visit various monasteries and temples – depending on the availability at the time we can also offer meditation retreats and teachings with respected masters.

For more information on our tours contact us

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This page gives you the option of directly choosing a project to donate to. The Projects here range from small to large and change frequently as the need is met. Please contact us if you are interested in directly Funding one of our 'wishes'.

Our Current Fund Raising WISH LIST for 2018/2019

Year by year our project development has continued to evolve and grow and require ongoing support. We truly appreciate all contributions – small and large!!! If for example, 500 people gave €100/$100 we will be well on the way to achieving all our goals of this year! 

(Detailed information about each of these projects can be obtained by emailing Kira Kay: contact Kira)

1. Bhaktapur Self-Sustaining Orphan Children Home (16 children & 2 mothers):
a) Our beloved cow died in the monsoon while giving birth – she not only provided healthy milk and dairy products for our home but also provided the important compost for our organic farming. The cost to replace her we require €1000  We have an update on our wish list, The cow has now been kindly donated by a lovely donor.

b) We also need to replace bed sheets and purchase winter jackets, pants, hats, gloves and shoes for our children and mothers. Estimated cost: €850 
c) We have fully repaired our building after the damage of the earthquake plus painted inside – but we still require funds to paint the external walls of the building to make our Home truly feel “home” ☺. Estimated cost: €3500 

2. Annapurna Self-Sustaining Orphan Children Home and organic farm (35 children & 6 mothers):
a) We need to establish a new water supply on our organic farmland and plan to dig a well to ensure safe healthy water. Estimated cost, including pump: €2500 
b) Winter clothes – pants, jackets, hats, gloves and shoes – are needed for children and mothers Estimated cost: €1300 We have kindly been gifted a donation to cover our winter clothes costs.
c) We have taken in new children this year (under Nepal Child Welfare request) thus we have ongoing need of sponsorship for some of our children to help provide funding for their school and college needs - €650 yearly commitment.
d) We would love to secure two additional pieces of land to our Organic Farm Land that will be ideal for our Eco-Building project (see below #5) – this will make our “Annapurna Children Village” much easier to evolve and provide a more secure environment. Estimated cost: €35000 

3. Our Microcredit project continues expanding:
a) We continue to implement our Skills Training program, in literacy (€450  for six months), weaving (€350  for 3months), sewing (€1100 for 6 months), new vegetable production (€150 for 2 week program), cooperative management & development (€250 for 1 week training) – for our micro-credit recipients, who wish to continue to develop their own capacity and ability to lift themselves out of the poverty cycle. We plan on 2-3 trainings for 2019.
b) Add to our microcredit loan fund – as we continue to reach more people in our microcredit outreach our need for additional funds to provide loans increases – these funds continue to circulate, as loans are repaid the funds are used again and again for future loans. Over the next 2 years we would like to add a further €5000 to our microcredit loan fund. 

4. Earthquake resilient eco-building (bamboo & compressed earth bricks) efforts:
We are in the final design and planning stage of our next big building project. The buildings will house our children and mothers from our Annapurna Home on our organic farmland. Plus buildings for our women skills training center and teenage counselling space to continue our community outreach programs. We will require significant funding for this project beginning (we hope!) in mid 2019 so any tips for grants or introductions to helpful foundations/charities is welcomed. And right now we require €3500 to complete the design and engineering process and establish a boundary fence on the property.


For donating and depositing funds:

1. Direct to one of our bank accounts –
Best option for all EU countries to donate our German Bank Account

Account name: Hands with Hands e.V.
Bank: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG - address: Christstraße 9, 44789 Bochum, Germany
IBAN: DE46 4306 0967 1135 8729 00
(receipt for tax within EU available for donations made to this account, please include address & name in the transfer itself)

For direct deposit to one of projects in Nepal email Kira contact Kira directly for instructions 

2. Make a PayPal deposit - ‘send’ funds to
(Best option for Non-EU countries to donate, including Australia, Canada, USA & UK)

Kira and our team of supporters are pro bono workers for HandswithHands and cover their extra expenses (e.g. for traveling) themselves and directly monitor the projects in the field. Therefore all funds go directly to the people of Nepal who are most in need, not to big organisations or government bodies which have potential for corruption. With this, 100% of donations arrive where they are most needed.

Sponsoring a child in one of our Children Homes in Nepal

Sponsoring a child from one of our self-sustaining Children Homes can be a rewarding and heart-full experience. The sponsorship gives each child the chance to get the maximum level of school education that is available in Nepal. This gives them a better grounding in English and the main subjects required for college and further education - and a real chance to pass the “Iron Gate” SLC exams. (School Leaving Certificate)

We consider education is a main priority to create long-term options for the future of the children. The sponsorship covers the cost of the school fees, school uniforms, books, pens, school outings, incidental costs, and lunches. It will also cover one full medical check up per year and one set of casual clothes. For the ‘babies’ and pre-school children the sponsorship covers pre-school (baby school) and extras such as nappies and additional medical support as required.

Sponsorship also gives you and the child a gift of connection - This sponsorship gives you the opportunity to really experience the difference you can make by helping one person – to have a life opportunity they would not otherwise have. It also gives the child the chance to have a friend who cares about their future and well-being. Imagine how it can feel to have someone thinking about you and your welfare; even if they are far away, it truly does inspire a trust.

We encourage you, if you have the time and resources to visit your sponsor child in Nepal to have an amazing adventure of the heart!

With 650 Euro per year you can become the sponsor of a child

As we like to provide continuity and security for the children, we ask that you think of the sponsorship as a long-term commitment. We understand that this might not fit for everyone’s financial situation, so if you cannot make a longer-term commitment, then perhaps consider a one-time donation that will help build up our farm and self-sustaining options.

Future Savings Fund:

In addition, (or if you cannot make a full sponsorship) we ask that you contribute €100 per year to their ‘future fund’ which is a ‘savings fund’ that matures when the child reaches 18 years of age. This can then be used for their attendance at University, to start a business or contribute to their marriage and onward life. If you cannot contribute to this, this is ok, we will seek a ‘future savings’ sponsor so the child may indeed have two sponsors for their life at the Home. (This innovation came from Sarada, one of the mothers of our homes as she saw the problems in other children homes when the children ‘came of age’ and often were quite abandoned after 18 years, many turning therefore to drugs and prostitution). We endeavor to create long-term solutions for each and every one of our children and so therefore ask for your help with this.

Please!! We do ask for a long-term commitment with sponsorship for continuity for the child. We also understand that circumstances change and financial commitments may no longer be viable. If this happens, please advise as us soon as possible so we can find another sponsor and continue education uninterrupted for the children.

For more information about sponsoring a child and to view the pictures and background of the children please contact Kira Kay directly at: Email contact

As we are continuing to expand our Children Home projects, plus we are starting a wider outreach to the poorer communities to sponsor children to school, while they stay at home with their parents, so there are always additional children joining our sponsor programme.