Thomas Fecker, 47, Hamburg, Germany

When I made my decison to have a three month journey to nepal for volunteering I've had no idea what will come up.

I was never interested in Nepal, Himal or trekking but time was right for doing some usefull things and KirasOrphean houses sound like this.

After talking with Kira we agreed that I splitt my time three weeks…

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Jay Newmark, (London, England)

Friends - as many of you know, April 2007 I spent two weeks in Nepal, trekking in the Himalayas and visiting some charitable projects that my dear friend Kira Kay had helped to initiate. She has set-up multiple different projects in Nepal over the past few years, including Microfinance in remote villages, self-sustaining children's homes, and work with schools and hospitals.…

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Veronika Kloucek, (London, England)

Nepal has been an unforgettable, deeply touching and life changing experience. I still feel moved by the heart warming and honest nature of the people, the stunning nature and silent magic of the Himalayas and the colourfulness and richness I have experienced in Nepal. I came to visit my friend Kira and her projects and to do a trek together with a group of friends from all over the world. The tour started with a warm welcome of Kiraʼs Nepali friends in the buzzing city of Kathmandu and took us to Pokhara, where we spent a wonderful afternoon playing with the children in Self-sustaining Orphan Home.…

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Isabella, Germany

My stay in Nepal, 2011

Nepal - for many, the first associations are Mount Everest, Yeti, and poverty. I was one of them, and I was curious to find out what the country really is like. Not only this was my motivation to join hands with hands, but also the opportunity to do good and help people who do not have the same privileges as we do.…

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Dirk Dijkstra (Bangkok, Thailand)

Although an unhappy knee prevented me to get very far on the trek (November 2007), I had a profound heart opening experience, I can't really give a reason, whether it was the people, the mountains, the altitude or any combination of it. And it doesn't matter, the experience was/is real and lasting, even at this moment of writing a good…

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Nik Harris (London, England)

Re: Nepal:  My overall impression of Nepal was of an amazingly beautiful mountainous country and a very friendly/smiley/wonderful people. Also Nepal clearly still has a lot of the original culture and felt very safe. A wonderful place to go trekking in. A gem! Also for me, the mountains and people embodied something spiritual.

Re: Treks:  I found that I like…

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Egon Castlunger (Zurich, Switzerland)

Information:for me the quick answers, and information you gave me per email were good and detailed. I could organize my trip-luggage appropriately.

Arriving in Nepal: Also good. I had a pleasant arrival to the basis hotel in Kathmandu. The transport from the airport and picking up was well organized.

From the first day on I felt in good hands, in the sense…

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Rafael Ebner (Vienna, Austria)

So far, I have been to Nepal twice.
Both trips have been unforgettable, full of new experiences. The mix is very rich and the bandwidth of what is expecting you in Nepal is wide. From experiencing life in the incredible city of Kathmandu with nepali friends to walking through remote villages of the Himalayas with trekking mates from all over the planet.…

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