Our Children Home in Sipadol Village

Written by Kira_Kay on .

Slowly Rebuilding our Future

Our Children in Bhaktapur Children Home in Sipadol are doing amazingly well given what they have experienced - being right in the midst of main impact. Our beautifully almost finsihed *Home" building was badly damaged in the earthquake. Thankfully we were all safe and the building was safe enough for us to not be hurt in any way, but it is not any longer a livable building. We are currently having full engineer evaluation on rebuilding/repairing - whatever outcome it will be a very big and expensive task. Plus it will not be possible until after the monsson period (June- September) as not only is the government restricting building the nature of the heavy rains will restrict us as well. We have arrving this next week two very large monsoon safe shelters from *More-than-Shelters* that will provide a safe space for our children and staff to live the next months during monsoon plus our repairing/rebuilding time. In the very short-term, we have made a wonderful cosy space of our animal house which was still "safe" and therefore we have shifted our animals out and remodeled to be our *home*! I feel very close with our children as I was with them durign the earthquake .. out staff are being amazing in their care for the childrne int he compromised situation - I have not enough words to express their dedication!