Sponsoring a child in Nepal

Sponsoring a child in one of our Children Homes in Nepal

Sponsoring a child from one of our self-sustaining Children Homes can be a rewarding and heart-full experience. The sponsorship gives each child the chance to get the maximum level of school education that is available in Nepal. This gives them a better grounding in English and the main subjects required for college and further education - and a real chance to pass the “Iron Gate” SLC exams. (School Leaving Certificate)

We consider education is a main priority to create long-term options for the future of the children. The sponsorship covers the cost of the school fees, school uniforms, books, pens, school outings, incidental costs, and lunches. It will also cover one full medical check up per year and one set of casual clothes. For the ‘babies’ and pre-school children the sponsorship covers pre-school (baby school) and extras such as nappies and additional medical support as required.

Sponsorship also gives you and the child a gift of connection - This sponsorship gives you the opportunity to really experience the difference you can make by helping one person – to have a life opportunity they would not otherwise have. It also gives the child the chance to have a friend who cares about their future and well-being. Imagine how it can feel to have someone thinking about you and your welfare; even if they are far away, it truly does inspire a trust.

We encourage you, if you have the time and resources to visit your sponsor child in Nepal to have an amazing adventure of the heart!

With 650 Euro per year you can become the sponsor of a child

As we like to provide continuity and security for the children, we ask that you think of the sponsorship as a long-term commitment. We understand that this might not fit for everyone’s financial situation, so if you cannot make a longer-term commitment, then perhaps consider a one-time donation that will help build up our farm and self-sustaining options.

Future Savings Fund:

In addition, (or if you cannot make a full sponsorship) we ask that you contribute €100 per year to their ‘future fund’ which is a ‘savings fund’ that matures when the child reaches 18 years of age. This can then be used for their attendance at University, to start a business or contribute to their marriage and onward life. If you cannot contribute to this, this is ok, we will seek a ‘future savings’ sponsor so the child may indeed have two sponsors for their life at the Home. (This innovation came from Sarada, one of the mothers of our homes as she saw the problems in other children homes when the children ‘came of age’ and often were quite abandoned after 18 years, many turning therefore to drugs and prostitution). We endeavor to create long-term solutions for each and every one of our children and so therefore ask for your help with this.

Please!! We do ask for a long-term commitment with sponsorship for continuity for the child. We also understand that circumstances change and financial commitments may no longer be viable. If this happens, please advise as us soon as possible so we can find another sponsor and continue education uninterrupted for the children.

For more information about sponsoring a child and to view the pictures and background of the children please contact Kira Kay directly at: Email contact

As we are continuing to expand our Children Home projects, plus we are starting a wider outreach to the poorer communities to sponsor children to school, while they stay at home with their parents, so there are always additional children joining our sponsor programme.