Repairs have started on our Bhaktapaur Children Home in Sipadol village

Written by Kira Kay on .

The reconstruction work has now begun on our Bhaktapur Self-Sustaining Orphan Children Home in Sipadol village that was very badly damaged in the earthquake. First they breakdown the damaged sections and dig right down into the foundations to essentially rebuild our structure from the bottom up. Our engineer uses new technology to evaluate and simulate potential future earthquakes on our exact structure so that he can determine the best reinforcements. The repairs have started 20th of December with 16 workers, site manager and regular visits from the Engineer overseeing the work. They estimate 4-5 months of work is required.

We are very happy to know that our Home can be safely repaired and made even stronger to survive another earthquake if that should occur again – which is of course possible given the positions of the tectonic plates creating the Himalayan mountains we live in. We still require more funds for the repairs so please if you have any chance to help us we are happy and thankful for that. If you require more detailed information please ask with Kira Email here