Our sustainable Rebuilding initiatives with Abari

Written by Kira Kay on .

Some great news on February 14th the Nepal government has approved the ABARI school design – using compressed earth bricks and bamboo as their main building materials. This is a huge step forward in our promotion of rebuilding in Nepal using local materials! The Abari team spent many hours in both the design, engineering specifications as well the numerous government meetings to ensure this positive outcome and we are thankful for their dedication. In process still is the Home building designs that we hope to have good news on soon! Meanwhile the work has already begun in our jointly funded project in TIMAL, Kavre District, lead by the Holland foundation Sathsathai Mundi, of rebuilding 8 school rooms and one example Home. Now that the approvals have come through the work will be accelerating and we hope to have this first project completed by mid of May. The intention in this rebuilding is to educate local builders in the making of compressed earth bricks (that provides them also with potential income potential into the future) as well providing them with technical knowledge on how to build earthquake resilient buildings using predominantly local sourced materials. Our next project (again school buildings and Home building examples) will begin in Sindhulpalchok and in Sindhuli Districts – start dates are not yet determined - we are still seeking additional funds for these projects so any donations are very welcomed!

Meanwhile enjoy these picture updates from the building progress in TIMAL and you can download the school building design here: 2015.09.17_Permanent_School_Conceptual_Proposal_1.pdf

 Permanent School conceptual